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welcome to the epic

hello there would you like to see an image

i will show you an image

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top 10 epic fails:

my ears hurt

Leafy 22 ยท kaoru seta

reasons to hate nagito:

  1. hes gay! ew!
  2. he has white hair which is white
  3. the last time he took a shower was 2
  4. when he speaks he sounds like makoto which isnt a bad thing but it is disrespectful to adrien
  5. bagel
  6. he has awful nails
  7. his free time is the worst, i did all of it and want a refund!
  8. HES GAY!!
  9. laxatives

hello im back 5/12/21 and im going to give you all the reasons i hate kokichi ouma:

  1. he is voiced by derek stephen prince
  2. his shoes are fucking rank
  3. he has abs (sometimes)
  4. hes short
  5. hes gay
  6. saiouma is BAD and TOXIC and SAIMATSU RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. hes ugly
  8. i think hes related to nagito komaeda? thats my hc dont attack me
  9. i peed myself
  10. hes gay

welcome to the year 2022

it is afficially one week until the hit game splatoon 3 releases so i will document a diary of the week leading up to the release and you will enjoy the insight into my brain

2/9 - i want splatoon 3 tbh

today i wanted to fight agent 3 again and i gave up before i even got there

top 10 gayest coroika characters

  1. rider
splatoon mains that i have beef with: dynamos and flingzas; chargers especially e-liters and goo tubers, excluding bamboozlers; kensas; 50% chance of beef with any brush main. chance is increased for brushes that arent the basic inkbrush. the other 50% chance is of me falling in love with them instead; splatlings; blasters; brellas especially tentas; aerosprays; bloblobblers; dualies; splatanas

3/9 - aughhhhhhhhhhh when is splatoon 3?!

so i have a theory that shiver is not really an octoling nonono. the reason fr this is that 1. their teeth move which is fuckign weird why do they do that and 2. THEY HAVE A TONGUE?? I THINK which inklings and octolings are NOT meant to have in the games. they have them in the manga but that is NOT CANON!!!!!!! why does shiver have a tongue. that is the question. so im calling that shiver is a FAKE and we will find this out in hero mode and itll be all dramaticx but then frye and big man would be like its ok shiver we still love you and everyone lives happily ever after actually ok so i guess 3. could be that they dont really have the octoling eye markings bnut theres no indication that thats necessary and you could say that the red markings are just shivers version of them so you can never know bc idols are always a bit quirky but just in case its important im putiting it here

so ive been wondeirng. there are many different types of octarian including octolings, but as far as we know inklings are the only types of squid in splatoon. i call bullshit. so my theory is that - remember marie's line about squid rings? well basically, other less evolved squid exist and they are eaten by inklings. its like if we kept monkeys in the same way as cows and ate their meat and stuff its like that but the squid version

4/9 - captain 3 peace sign

shiver is the final boss

5/9 - thinking about sanitised goop

ive been trying to figure out what the fuck a limiter is so bear with me on this. if its been explained idgaf anyways so. my idea is that the limiter by default makes you unable to use specials, then in certain circumstances you can select a special on it and it will activate the special gauge. in ink battles the limiter is always set to the same special for the whole duration, in which the user can fill up the gauge normally. in hero mode the limiter is usually not set to any special, so you arent able to use them until you pick up a can that tells the limiter which special it should use, and immediately fills the gauge. does this work with salmon run? idk im too lazy to think about it right now. in octo expansion tartar disables 3's limiter which makes them able to use any special as many times as they want, without needing to fill a gauge

if im completely wrong dont bully me ue ue

6/9 - im sorry i literally forgot

um um um um uumm did you guys know marina ida is a lesbian

7/9 - almost there

bruh i start colelge tomrow i dotnw ant to do this i jsut want spalton thats all i care avbout in life eirhgt now

YOOO I ACCIDENTALLY REFERENCES TWICE favourite part jigeumiya now we're almost there sijakaebolkka right now tell me what you want tell me what you need a to z da malhaebwa but sijageun ireoke hae talk that talk ttak han madi talk that talk l-o-v-e deullyeojwo ooh now now now now now yeahh

next we will talk about whether or not i think agent 4 and 8 will make a return in splatoon 3. i personally think its unlikely for them to appear in the hero mode, as we have agents 1-3 and possibly deep cut already involved which is a lot of characters. there will probably be some passing dialogue about at least 4, maybe 8 if the squid sisters interacted with them during the time skip (which i dont feel is much of a stretch considering they are part of the new squidbeak splatoon). i think theres a chance of them coming back in the dlc though, but we dont know anything about the setting or anything so i dont know. we only know that off the hook will be in it so theres probably room for a couple more unless they wanna fill it with new characters. i think it would be cool if 4 and 8 have been working together (probably especially since 3 became the new captain) and they could return in a similar way to cuttlefish and 3 in the octo expansion. those are my thoughts thank you ill be here all night

8/9 - i wanna quit college

splatoon 3 releases TOMORROW

remember when everyone thought agent 8 was an inktoling?

9/9 - oh my god

first of all i finally fixed an issue that no one told me about and i wont tell you about it either because its embarrassing so forget about it